About Us

Who Are We?

Andrew Scrivner, Project Manager

A master carpenter, Andrew has 30+ years of construction experience. He has supervised major historic commercial renovations in downtown Seattle, multi-family apartments in Capitol Hill, and luxury residential homes on Yarrow Point, Hunts Point, and Medina.

A seasoned superintendent, Andrew specializes in client relationships. He oversees our projects from beginning to end, ensuring on-time and on-budget completion. —By the way, Andrew can sing. Like, really sing. The former recording artist has performed for both the Eugene and Seattle Operas. No joke.

Hector Paz, Foreman Extraordinaire

A skilled carpenter with over 20 years of management experience, Hector coordinates our clients’ projects. He’s a great listener. He’s reliable, kind, and enjoys getting his hands dirty. Hector is a process guy who keeps projects running on time and on budget. Also, he loves to cook; his carne asada is a food fit for the gods. 

Cesar Rios, The Get-It-Done-Guy

Cesar can do it all. Carpentry, check. Painting, check. Fence-building, check. You name it, Cesar can do it. Having just finished his business degree, he also serves as our Covid-19 safety coordinator and our roof-cleaning specialist. —Cesar is also a budding graphic designer. If you ply him with cake, he might just design you a logo.

Chris Parsons, SuperDuperintendent

Chris has built some of the most beautiful decks in Seattle. The famous Norton deck of 2019, the one with the two levels, shaped from antique cedar wood? Yep, Chris build it using only his teeth and a small whittling knife. (Okay, not really, but he really does build the best decks in Seattle. Click here to see some of his work). Something you should know about Chris. We call him “Country Chris” because he’s a genuine cowboy. He used to ride his horse, Dolly, into his favorite bar in Southern Texas. (She’d take a lap around the dance floor before getting hitched to the post outside.) We’re not making this stuff up.

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